Welcome to the website of FRUTA Bohemia plc. company.

Our company makes wide range of its own products with well-known and time-proven brands, private brands for chains and also input ingredients for further processing and manufacturing production.

We produce fruit juices, mustards (Fruta), drink concentrates (EVELINA, Happy Lemon and Citronka) but also ketchups (NELI) and sirups (NELI) and other well-known brands.

Your meals will taste simply better with our products!

Our story

FRUTA Bohemia is a joint stock company founded in 1998. The company continues in more than fifty-year tradition of production of high quality and delicious FRUTA mustard. Mustard is perhaps best-known seasoning in the world. We offer classic full-fat mustards and wholegrain (krems-type) mustards, as well as a selection of different kinds of flavoured mustards to satisfy the taste of each client.

FRUTA’s production site moved to the premises in Přerov in 2001, where the company still produces mustard, but also processes fruit for concentrates and fruit juices.

The company started to produce beverage concentrates in 2012 again. These high quality beverage concentrates are produced from different types of fruit: lemon, lime, cranberry… and we also started to produce 100% natural lemon juice from concentrate. The Czech Republic is on the top positions in Europe in the consumption of beverage concentrates, perhaps because concentrates offer a wide range of use in the kitchen, for example as a flavoring for tea and other drinks, or possibly as a flavoring suitable for salads, spreads and marinades.

The aim of FRUTA Bohemia company is to ensure a compliance with all food standards, so production is certified according to HACCP standards since 2004 amd the company is regularly tested by customer audits according to ISF standards. We continue modernizing the production facilities and investing in new technologies, and also trying to expand and improve our production facilities in response to increasingly demanding market. All these steps guarantee high quality standards of all our products.

In 2016 the industrial fruit and vegetable manufacturing was extended into retail packing. That was 100% fruit and vegetable juice packed into practical 3 and 5 litre tetrapacks.

In 2017 the company took over the operation of a small distillery, which we run in our production company in Přerov.

Since we continuously try to expand our portfolio, we decided in 2019, to buy filling line and to start producing fruit juices in 0,33 l packing.

One of the milestones happened in 2020 when FRUTA Bohemia bought brand NELI – traditional Czech ketchup and sirup manufacturer. Hopefully, we manage to offer these ketchups and sirups to our customers at the beginning of the year 2021.


More tomatoes, better taste … we created a new NELI!

The company FRUTA Bohemia a.s. is introducing a new line of ketchups under the NELI brand, which is characterized by a high portion of tomatoes, 250 g of tomatoes per 100 g of ketchup and a better density. We are offering our customers a premium product before the upcoming grilling season. Our ketchups will be offered in glass, plastic and also retail packaging.

We are thrilled for you to taste them.

FRUTA Bohemia team


Food quality and safety

FRUTA Bohemia plc. has been certified with IFS. IFS is internationally recognizable standard for ensuring food safety and quality within producers’ production. Regular audits check and confirm high quality and hygienic standards.

The company also holds certification from National council (ES), n. 834/2007, which sets minimal standards for ecological food manufacturing and its inspection and marking. FRUTA Bohemia plc. is allowed to mark its products “bio”.


How to find us:

FRUTA Bohemia, a.s.
Tovačovská 1342, Přerov 750 01, Czech republic

Phone:  (+420) 581 706 086
Fax: (+420) 581 706 084
e-mail: info@frutabohemia.cz
e-mail: marketing@frutabohemia.cz

Invoicing address:

Kojetínská 3881/84, Kroměříž 760 01, Czech republic
Identification number 255 37 237
TAX number CZ 255 37 237

Business department contact:

Jana Zrníková
Phone: (+420) 702 035 167
e-mail: zrnikova@frutabohemia.cz

Business manager contact:

Jaromír Koudelík
Phone: (+420) 703 147 050
e-mail: koudelik@frutabohemia.cz

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